The situation in Catalonia cannot be allowed to escalate


Members of parliament Stefan Wallin, Mats Löfström and Eva Biaudet have expressed their grave concern over the conflict between the Catalans and the Spanish parliament.

Wallin, Löfström and Biaudet hope both sides will be able to choose dialogue before detainments and violence. Criminalising political movements is not a feasible way to resolve conflicts. - The Catalans peaceful desire for independence cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to escalate. We need to show that we, as Europeans, have learned from the past and that we are able to hold constructive discussions, regardless of the scope of the conflict, said Eva Biaudet.

- This is an actual political conflict that has been allowed to escalate for years. The Catalans reasonable demands for increased autonomy, such as is the case in the Basque region, have been ignored, resulting in the current situation. Personally, I am convinced that democratic solutions are the only way forward, as opposed to detaining democratically elected Catalan politicians and resorting to toughness against Catalan institutions. If Madrid cannot find the will to resolve the conflict, the catalans deserve their referendum, said Mats Löfström.

The regional government of Catalonia is preparing for a referendum on Catalan independence for 1st October, even though politicians and lawyers in Madrid are adamant in the referendum being in conflict with the Spanish constitution. During the arrangements, Catalan officials have been detained and demonstrations held.

- The situation in Catalonia is alarming and needs to be taken seriously. To resolve a conflict like this peacefully, we need earnest intent and tangible actions from both sides, said MP, member of the foreign committee Stefan Wallin.