Finland tackles misinformation about Vaccines with games


According to the Finnish Parliament’s Board of Vaccines chair, MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi (Swedish Parliamentary Group), the upsurge of antivaccination attitudes and misinformation regarding vaccines is troubling and may risk all that vaccines have achieved.

“Vaccines can be used to fend off diseases around the world, especially those that pose a threat to children,” Rehn-Kivi explains.

The Parliamentary board of vaccines has spent the day familiarizing themselves with new, digital ways of increasing both awareness and knowledge of vaccines and how to counter vaccine-related false information by meeting with the CEO of a Finnish game company, Olli Rundgren. The Jyväskylä-based game company is about to release a new mobile game set in the world of white blood cells, bacteria, and viruses. Playing the game is an entertaining way of learning about the immune system and how vaccines create an important foundation for acquired immunity.

The board of vaccines believes that new, innovative and fun methods are important for increasing vaccine awareness, and in the present day digitality is routine.

“It’s excellent that Finnish gaming industry is taking the role of a forerunner and combining digitality with educational work and Finnish expertise. It won’t be long before these methods can be utilized in the fields of health care and the game can be played in places such as the hospital waiting room. The whole world could benefit from new ways of reaching out to the younger generations”, says Rehn-Kivi.